On The Peace Wheel

Harbourview Montessori School with Angelo Spinazzola

Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.
-Dr. Maria Montessori-

Produced by Angelo Spinazzola
Engineered by Jamie Foulds, Soundpark Studios
Ed Woodsworth-Fretless bass
Darren Gallop-Percussion,Conga
Angelo Spinazzola-Vocals, Guitar, Flute
Michelle Van-Flute
Graphic design-Mike Van, Michelle Van, Angelo Spinazzola

The students at Harbourview Montessori School have always been involved in working toward positive change in the world. This theme is integrated into their everyday lives at school, through interactions with one another, with their teachers and with the wider community. Volunteering their time to help others and to spread messages of generosity and kindness is truly a part of the foundation of our school.

The song, On the Peace Wheel, grew as an extension of our Montessori school and of Montessori Model United Nations, of which we have played an active part since it began. The song, for us, represents the very real attainability of peace in the world. In the words of the children, “Why can’t we just share?” and “We all deserve a peaceful land.”

The poem that precedes the song was written entirely through the collaborative efforts of the children (ages 6 to 13). The song was co-written by local singer/songwriter and musician, Angelo Spinazzola, over a period of about 2 months. Angelo’s passion for this project was inspiring for the children.

After countless hours of writing, re-writing and practice, the children went to SoundPark Studios and spend the entire day recording the song. A special thank you to Ed Woodsworth (bass) and Darren Gallop (percussion) for volunteering their time and talent to this project.

The children are showing that the lyrics to the song have deep meaning for them. They are selling the CDs to raise money for the charity Free the Children, an organization of children helping children. The 4 students from the group who are members of Montessori Model UN will take the CDs to the MMUN conference in New York City.

Michelle Van and Darlene Sparling

If you would like to purchase the CD, containing our song “On the Peace Wheel,” please phone the school office at (902) 539-8884 to place an order, or click the link above. Please send a cheque or money order, payable to Harbourview Montessori School, in the amount of $13 ($10 for the CD plus $3 for packaging and postage). We will post regular updates of monies raised. Thank you for helping us to keep the Peace Wheel spinning!

Angelo Spinazzola
Ed Woodsworth
Darren Gallop

Harbourview Montessori School

On The Peace Wheel

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Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada B1S 1T7

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